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Douglas Aircraft Company DC-3

DC-3 Air Colombia

Artwork by Amedeo Gigli

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The more remote places of the Colombian Amazonia maintain contact with the rest of the world thanks to the DC-3, a legendary aircraft that changed the history of aviation. Its versatility and economy make it the first passenger plane produced on a large scale. In ten years more than 10,000 units, of which at least 100 are still in service in various parts of the world were made. In the hangars of the Villavicencio Airport, a city of 385,000 inhabitants, located in the foothills of the Andes and the gates of the forest, along with AIR COLOMBIA, move 12 of these aircraft, probably the largest number of DC-3 into service at the same airport. From the Amazon to Leticia in Cartagena in the Caribbean and from Bahia Solano on the Pacific, the DC-3 fly the  Colombian  skies providing vital to the livelih0ods of the most remote communities. In the rudimentary dirt tracks and sand more often without maintenance they can provide the locals with their shovels and under the rigors of winter and the storms of the jungle, only the DC-3 is capable of landing .This  aircraft was completed as Douglas C47A-90DL at the Douglas  Aircraft Company of  Santa Monica, California with the number of construction 204032. Delivered to the Air Corps of the United States Army with the serial 43-15966. Recorded in Colombia on October 6, 1964 with the Airline LA URRACA , transferred in the year 1980 to the Transportes Aereos de la Amazonia  and  finally in 1999 the airline changed into  AIR COLOMBIA