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This biplane fighter aircraft in force of the Allied Air Forces during the First World War (1915-1918) can rightly be considered the best aircraft used in the conflict, at the height of aeronautical engineering of the time. The SPAD name derived from the name of the company "Société Pour les Avions Deperdussin", which was already known to the fast aircraft designed by Louis Béchéreau Deperdussin.

Made by the same designer , SPAD planes are characterized by a very strong frame construction and therefore high reliability. Especially in the case of stress during the SPAD XIII dogfights.The first flight  was  on the  04 April 1917 under the command of Lieutenant Dorme,  demonstrating its skills quickly up  to fly with  81 fighter squadrons. Production interested 'companies as  Blériot, Bernard, De Marçay, Kellner and Levasseur, and so' in fact, reached the 8440 units. This made it possible to provide lots of this aircrafts also important to Allied forces: two groups went  of the Royal Flying Corps (Sq 19 and 23) and two squadrons  went to Italy (Sq 77 and 91) , 37 aircraft were sent Belgium and well 893 to U.S. 

The profile shows the SPAD XIII No. 4523 of the 94th U.S. Aerosquadron Service that flew 'Captain. V. Rickenbacker gaining 26 victories over the enemy.

Artwork: Amedeo GIGLI - Italy