Luis Soto

I was born in 1979 in Santiago de Chile, I started working like I was playing a game when my father took me to his print shop, where I met the machines, the editing process and also when computing began occupying learned more massive ancient computer screen black and white, there I met two software, one vector-drawing and a photo editing to occupy today for aircraft profiles. Also as always arming hobby scale models, which began in March but ended one, but never completely leave "layout" bigger until I had to decide what to do with my life in professional terms, and then to study film and cartoon . All the time I studied in college and then work in television, film and advertising finally touch the models, until 2012 I came back to this great hobby, and since I'm such a fan of airplanes (with my father and brother) have the only aviation magazine chile: Vortexx and as a publisher took three years doing aviation profiles. As expected begin at home, doing the most beautiful aircraft Fach Chilean Air Force.

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