I live in Sydney , Australia. My art covers a number of genres, including landscape, wildlife and aviation. This is one of two shops. Aviation paintings represent the majority of my art sales, and I have clients in this specialist niche located all over the world. I have won numerous awards for my aviation paintings, and I regularly paint commissions for the aerospace industry, and for private collectors. Aviation Art forms a large part of my artistic output. I'm a pilot and from an aviation family, hence my interest. My specific interest is in depicting military aviation scenes from an emotional perspective. Just as I try to convey the quiet, or heat, or simple beauty in a landscape painting, in Aviation Art, other emotions come into play; loneliness at altitude flying over a vast ocean, the cold and fear felt by a bomber crew as lethal fighters attack at thirty-thousand feet, or the stark beauty of a cumulonimbus build-up. I meticulously research these artworks for technical and location detail, but always ensure they are - above all, attractive pieces regardless of genre.

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